Specialty coffee with a real taste of Burundi

TIB’s coffee grows in Muyinga province in northern Burundi, a beautiful hilly region with an average altitude of 1500-1600m. It is close to the Ruvubu national park and crossed by the Nile river.

We work with almost 2000 farmers with farms spread over 50 hectares. The excellent climate lends our Bourbon coffee sweet, caramel and chocolate flavours, which consistently cup at 84-88.

We produce full washed, natural and honey Arabica coffees. At TIB Coffee, we want our customers to enjoy the best coffee Burundi offers while knowing they’re positively impacting community life in Burundi.

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This is
Burundi coffee

TIB  stands for This is Burundi.

The company was born in June 2020, with ambitious plans. We acquired a piece of land to build our first washing station at Karambo Hill in Muyinga. The station starts operating in the 2021 coffee season.

We plan to buy a small dry mill and two new washing stations in different regions of Burundi over the next three years. Then we will be able to give our customers a greater variety of Burundian coffees and taste profiles.

We have developed strong partnerships with top specialty coffee roasters and importers across the globe and aim to grow from 640 bags to 1,280 bags of specialty coffee exports.

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Specialty coffee
sustainably grown

We take a sustainability-focused approach to our production techniques to prioritise our land and the environment.

We use erosion control and plant shade trees and leguminous plants that add nitrogen to the soil. We also grow bananas, maize, cassava and beans for biodiversity and extra income for our farmers.

At TIB Coffee, we help our farmers live a good life by producing the highest quality coffee they can. Our vision is to make a true sustainable impact on our communities and farmers by forming strong partnerships around specialty coffee production.

At TIB Coffee, we work to:

Produce the best fully washed, natural and honey coffee in Burundi

Make a true sustainable impact to the communities
and farmers through specialty coffee production and
direct strong partnerships

Grow our farmer numbers to increase our community impact

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Bigirindavyi Prosper Merimee – Founder

Kabirori Gaudence – Co-Founder

Girukwishaka Etienne – Washing Station Manager


Muyinga Province,
Gasorwe Commune,
Karambo Hill

0 +
coffee farmers
1400- 1400 m
average altitude

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Phone number: +257 71 02 87 73 | +257 61 02 81 90
Email: tibcoffee2020@gmail.com